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Research and development

To successfully carry out our mission and to continue offering our clients the most efficient solutions possible, we’ve established a research and development program that aims at encouraging new ideas. We believe in human potential and we always seek new ways to improve our processes. We consider innovation as being the best way to ensure the relevance, value and durability of our services. This is why we are committed to developing and maintaining a research and development program that enables us to analyze, test, develop and apply new technologies.

Among these technologies, the concept of virtualizing NFV network functions (to combine many network functions on one server) will provide significant added value to companies. This innovative and revolutionary technology will enable our clients to substantially lower their operating and maintenance costs, while freeing them from the limitations and constraints of vendor lock-in.


Another important added value we offer our clients is quality. To maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we are committed to developing, maintaining and documenting an efficient quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standard requirements. We offer consulting and integration services with an aim to achieve excellence and total client satisfaction.

Our quality assurance system, certified by BSI Group, relies on professionalism and teamwork to ensure that we meet the measurable goals we set for ourselves on an annual basis. Our motivated staff combines expertise and experience to offer state-of-the-art services; all our team members are dedicated to the success of each telecommunications project carried out by us.


Because excellence and professionalism are at the heart of all of our activities, we are also committed to developing, maintaining, and constantly improving our expertise in the field of telecommunications through continuing education.

“Over the years, we have completed several large telecommunications projects throughout Quebec. We combine our technical expertise and our project management experience to offer significant added value to companies and telecommunications network operators.”

Jasmin Audet, President, Groupe Conseil Génicom