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Geomatics and geospatial information systems play an increasingly important part in the design, installation, operation, maintenance, and management of key telecommunications network components. Geomatics and computer-assisted design greatly contribute to a network designer’s work.

By combining our network and telecommunications design knowledge with the use of geographic information systems, such as Smallworld (General Electric) and Spatial Net (Spatial INFO), Groupe Conseil Génicom can develop custom solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Our rigorous work structure and our ISO 9001 certification guarantee superior quality results. Whether you’re looking for the design, optimization or upgrading of a network, or data entry or migration, our qualified, experienced team can carry out your projects within schedule and budget.

General Electric Solution Partner

Groupe Conseil Génicom is a trusted partner (Solution Partner) of General Electric, who develops state-of-the-art geomatics software. Our team is well-known for our skills and expertise in the use of geomatics, as well as for our ability to maximize their features for superior performance.


General Electric’s Smallworld software offers various solutions to manage the planning, design, installation, and operation process for telecommunications networks.

Using geospatial information provided by the software, we can determine the best location for our clients’ equipment and identify which technologies should be invested in to enhance performance and reach the desired capacity. The software also enables our clients (telecommunications service providers) to access demographic data for potential subscribers, service areas, and the financial data needed to develop targeted investment strategies.

With Smallworld, we can model and represent the network at various spatial angles by illustrating underground or aerial geographies, as well as building interiors. We can also mark up the existing or planned network in a single environment. This feature is very useful for municipalities, who require a network plan that shows detailed underground or aerial facilities, and how they relate to new constructions and existing networks. This information can also be used to plan network maintenance or extension activities.


Spatial Net, Spatial Info’s management software, is used to manage the assets needed for the design, construction, development, and management of telecommunications networks. Our designers also use it to design superior-quality networks for our clients, while controlling costs.

Our clients use the software to manage network assets, thanks to an easy access to data. Analysis tools for tracking changes made to the network as it evolves are also included in the software. The various departments of our clients’ organizations can also access the software’s data to monitor generated revenue, customer service, network operations, asset management, etc.

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